Frequently Asked Questions

This is aimed to be the world's simplest privacy policy. This document should explain to you why the app collects some information, what happens when your account is deleted and some other frequently asked questions answered regarding your privacy.

If you have any more questions, please send us an email and we'll answer as honest and quickly as possible :)

What identifiable information is stored about me?

Your name and your email address is stored along with your user information, if you signed in with Google, and of course, all the information you input in your resume is also stored in the database. You won't even get any marketing emails, feature updates, newsletters, notification emails, nothing.

Why are you using a database, why not keep everything local?

Not having a centralized database cause a lot more problems than we could solve, mainly having a large chunk of the users of the app having an outdated schema as the app evolved. This was a problem we could not solve without having at least some control.

Also, a lot of users were having trouble printing their resumes on their browsers, so with the help of Cloud Functions from Firebase, you can now print your resumes remotely. None of the resumes are stored, and they are sent to you immediately after generation.

How is this all free? There must be a catch!

Absolutely no catch to this freebie. This project is just our way of giving back to the community that w've learned so much from. If you'd like to show your appreciation however, you can recommend your friends and collegues to use this application, or follow us on social media.